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nature_icons's Journal

Nature Icons & Graphics
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

This is an icon/graphic community for nature type stuff, such as icons that contain: flowers, lakes, clouds, animals, etc. Things you find in the great outdoors. Icons, friends only banners, and other things along those lines are to be posted here.

Maintainer: hilarityicons

  • All posts must be friends-only.
  • Use LJ cut if there are more than three icons in your post.
  • Do not post requests.
  • Do not type with net-speak, use decent grammar, you all should be over 13 and thus know how to spell simple words like: you, two, mine, etc.
  • Always use LJ-cut on things with adult content and warn people in the subject line.
  • This is not an advertising community.

  • Constructive criticism is acceptable but flat out flaming people is not. Do not be rude to other members.
  • You can request in comment form.

  • Credit the maker.
  • No hot linking. If you need image hosting check out photobucket.com.

    You can use this to link to this community if you wish. However you need to save the image to your own server/photobucket.com/etc.

    Example of code to link with:

    Affliates and Such:

    Want to be an affliate? Communities and icon journals are welcome to be affiliates. Email me with nature_icons in the subject line or I will be terribly confused.